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siegius arena

  • select menus
  • move
  • z x attacks
  • c v use items / spells

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siegius arena game

Play siegius arena. You are the once great and feared centurion that led countless victorious battles in the name of the Roman army. You were betrayed by one of your troops and framed as a traitor. Now you are sentenced to death in the arena but a warrior such as you will not lay down without a fight. The experience you have earned leading armies will be to your advantage. Compared to battlefield.. the arena is just a big sand box you are about to play around in. Go into the arena for your first fight and make short work of the fighters you face. Collect the coins that drop from their bodies so you can use them to purchase magical spells and better equipment like armor and various different weapon types in the Roman Market. You can also pass up the market and go into the Training Grounds to practice your fighting moves and combos. Make a name for yourself and win the favor of the people to earn your freedom from the sands of the coliseum.

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